Land Where You Want

The best suspension in the light sport aircraft industry… by far!

Introducing The Black Ops Shock

A direct bolt-on replacement for most bungee and spring landing gear systems

Acme Aero Black Ops Shock
Top Attachment

Heat treated, coated chromoly top attachment point with option of spherical bearing or eccentric bushing for optimal clearance

Tough Body

7075 aircraft grade aluminum body black anodized for corrosion resistance

Separate Chambers

Separate chambers to segregate gas from damping fluid to ensure 100 percent consistent rebound control

Sealed Cap

Bottom retainer cap with internal linear bearing and four shaft sealing surfaces

Stainless Steel Shaft

Proprietary medical grade, hybrid, stainless steel shaft; extremely corrosion resistant; tested to 5,500 lb. side load force with minimal deflection

Rod End

3-piece, self lubricating, heat treated steel alloy rod ends that are zinc plated and chromate treated for corrosion resistance; rated to 19,000 lbs

the strongest, lightest shocks on the market

Go… Everywhere

  • Sandbars Next To Bears
  • African Savannah Next To Hyenas
  • Craggy Mountains next to Shaggy Goats
  • Somewhere in Canada next to Sasquatch

Cleaner, Cutting Edgier, Cooler.

So You Can Land Shorter, Land Softer & Land Safer.

Client Top of Mountain
Plane Water Ski
never accept less than the best

Live… A Lot

Acme Aero clients know who they are–travelers who live life to the fullest, badasses, connoisseurs of cat videos. They’ll give you the shirt off their own back. Our clients appreciate the skill and expertise that is put into building the best landing suspension in the world. We make our shocks to not only be excellent but to look excellent. We have a passion for this stuff and for the people that love this stuff as much as we do.

Why Accept Bad Landing Gear On Your Plane?

Suspension on an airplane is an afterthought by the manufacturers. So they put a bungee system on the airplane that has no dampening whatsoever and send it on. You’re smart because you understand how suspension plays into making the aircraft safer and perform better. There is no one single piece of aftermarket equipment you can put on your aircraft that will change the way it lands as drastically as our shocks.

Enter Our World Of Fun

Clips of Acme Aero products in action, plus other awesomeness

Black Ops in Action :37

Footage of a takeoff and landing at the Hood River Showdown.

Black Ops Install 5:17

Our technician showing how you can upgrade your shocks, by installing the Black Ops.

Record Shortest Landing :42

This is the shortest landing ever, its a world record. Amazing short take off as well.

Acme Aero Shocks 1:28

Some great shots and drone footage of our gear in action.

Let’s Talk Shocks 14:32

The Acme Aero Shock, aircraft bungee cord and spring suspension replacement system.

Bush Planes in Action 7:39

A montage of Bush planes doing amazing landings and takeoffs in all kinds of settings.

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“We exist simply because we KNEW we could do it better than it was being done in the aircraft suspension world. From a customer experience standpoint we exist to make flying safer and more fun. We also love the industry we are in so our personal desire is to use the platform we’ve been given to leave a positive impact through relationships.”