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Acme Aero Shocks

Acme Aero is quickly becoming the leading suspension authority in the Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft market. Our shocks are built on a solid reputation of superior craftsmanship and quality that was forged by more than 20 years in the NASCAR, Formula 1 and Baja Truck Series, Acme Aero is dedicated to providing cutting edge technology and innovation to advance the LSA/EA market.

Group of Black Ops Shocks
no more bouncing

Black Ops Shocks

Adapted from technology honed in the NSACAR, F1, and Baja Racing series, we are excited to introduce the Acme Aero Black Ops Shock. The Acme Aero Black Ops Shock is a direct bolt-on replacement for most bungee and spring landing gear systems. Unlike other bolt-on replacements on the market, the Black Ops significantly controls rebound and compression with our proprietary internal dampening system. To put it simply…no more bouncing!

Acme Aero Black Ops Shock Features:

  • 7075 aircraft grade aluminum shock body
  • Hybrid stainless steel shaft construction
  • All stainless steel internal components
  • Anodized aluminum parts for added corrosion resistance
  • Teflon lined self-lubricating mono-ball attachment points
  • Up to 3.5”of travel at the shock which equals 7-9” at the wheel
  • Total system weight 12 lbs.
  • Dual internal fail safe stops for safety
  • 100% serviceability
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Tested to endure 5,500 lbs in compression
  • Tested to endure 22,000 lbs. straight line pull
  • .5” lower heim attachment with 19,000 lb tensile strength
  • Made in the USA by Veteran owned company
  • Patent Pending

Black Ops Shock Details

A direct bolt-on replacement for most bungee and spring landing gear systems

Acme Aero Black Ops Shock
Top Attachment

Heat treated, coated chromoly top attachment point with option of spherical bearing or eccentric bushing for optimal clearance

Tough Body

7075 aircraft grade aluminum body black anodized for corrosion resistance

Separate Dampeners

Separate chambers to segregate gas from dampening fluid to ensure 100 percent consistent rebound control

Sealed Cap

Bottom retainer cap with internal linear bearing and four shaft sealing surfaces

Stainless Steel Shaft

Proprietary medical grade, hybrid, stainless steel shaft; extremely corrosion resistant; tested to 5,500 lb. side load force with minimal deflection

Rod End

3-piece, self lubricating, heat treated steel alloy rod ends that are zinc plated and chromate treated for corrosion resistance; rated to 19,000 lbs

Generation 2

Bravo Series Cub Shocks

The Bravo Series is a direct bolt on bungee replacement for most Cub platforms. An internal spring supports the weight of the aircraft while dampening is controlled by oil and nitrogen.

Key features of the Bravo Series:

  • 7075 black anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • All stainless steel internal components
  • 7075 aluminum extension that allows us to fit to most every application
  • Teflon lined self-lubrictring mono-ball attachment points
  • Dual internal failsafes
  • Total weight is less than 13lbs
  • 100 percent serviceability
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Tested to endure a 3,500 lb side load force
  • Tested to endure a 19,000 lb straight line pull
  • Made in the USA by veterans
Black Ops On A Plane
Recon Series Shocks
Fly Without Pressure

Recon Series Side Mount Shocks

Side Mount Internally Sprung:

  • Fully suspended by internal spring
  • Ability to fly without pressure which means you get home every time…regardless
  • Only 100% dampened side mount shock on the market
  • Linear rate enables 100% consistency in landing
  • 75% less air pressure than side mount air shocks
  • Only 1.6 lbs. heavier per pair than air shocks
  • Non-pitting, non-rusting, non-corroding shaft
  • 95% reduction in bouncing over air shocks
  • Wheels travel over bumps instead of causing wing dip
  • 33% stronger overall
  • 100% tuneable
  • Made in the USA by Veterans