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By November 1, 2018Insights

I’ve always loved writing. Actually, that’s a lie which is not a good way to start the first post on a new blog. Truth be known, I hated writing in school. In elementary school, the endless (and mindless) copying of sentences, day after day was extremely painful for someone with my genetic make-up. Middle school and high school wasn’t much better. The teacher would assign some ridiculous research topic that I wasn’t interested in at all which was reflected in my grade for that assignment. Writing was a chore and a chore I speed through to get it over with.

My freshman year of college that all changed with just a few words. My grandfather on my father’s side was a distinguished academic. He held a PhD in history, taught at universities all of the world, was the dean of students at Pace University, and was a published author. When it came to schooling and academics I held him in the highest light. I lived at home my second half of my freshman year for reasons not important to this writing. My grandfather and grandmother were visiting from New York and I guess he stumbled across my writing journal I was required to keep. It makes sense that he would read it because a. if he had to sit anywhere for longer than a minute he would read something and, b. I was one of only two grandsons at the time and the sun rose and set on my brother and me. What came next though changed how I viewed writing and the course of my education all together. My grandfather simply said, “you are an extremely talented writer”. That’s all it took.

You see, in my opinion my grandfather was an authority on good writing. As a teacher I was sure he had seen his share of good (and not so good) writing throughout his career. All it took was someone in a position of authority to speak a word to me to change my whole mind frame. It makes me wonder what a few more kind or encouraging words from me would do in people’s lives. Not that I am an authority in anything but a kind word can’t be bad.

Which leads me to the purpose of this blog. It may be a little unconventional to have a blog on the website of an aircraft suspension manufacturer that talks about “life” stuff, things I am dealing with, things I’ve dealt with, etc. but I really need an outlet and space to just write. I will definitely post technical papers on suspension and pertinent writings to our industry but I really want to cultivate the love my grandfather brought about with a few kind words.

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